Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG)

AAG 2023 Wraps Up Successfully, AAG 2024 to Return in Summer in Guangzhou

The 8th Guangzhou International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Exhibition (Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou, AAG) concluded on October 13, 2023, at the Poly World Trade Center Expo (Guangzhou). This edition of the exhibition achieved record-high industry participation and on-site popularity, embracing the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau from multiple perspectives to showcase the forefront of automotive industry development. Fringe programmes were comprehensively optimized and upgraded to facilitate the effective integration of the entire automotive industry chain horizontally and vertically.

Key Data of AAG 2023

1,035 participating companies (an increase of 69.7% over the previous edition)

50,000 square meters of exhibition space, utilizing 4 exhibition halls

31,329 professional visitors from 57 countries and regions (a 44.5% increase over the previous edition)

30 exciting fringe events, forums, and seminars

Grasping the Development Opportunities of the Greater Bay Area, Showcasing Advanced Technological Achievements

AAG 2023 lasted for three days, during which exhibitors showcased products focusing on three major product categories: auto parts, auto modification and accessories, and auto maintenance. Leading exhibiting brands included Bezos, Dezhong, Fanaco, Fukeji, Phil, Gold, Guansheng, Haoshun, Haochi, He Ri, Hunter, Huachuan Denso, Huaxin, Huirun, Huanyu, Jinli, Kunshan Kaidi, Luo's, Nanyang Xijian, Nanyue Electronic Control, Ningjiang Shanchuan, Oudien, Qingdao Jianbang, Quanxing Precision, Ruizhou, Shentou, Saint Boulevard Petroleum, Panasonic, Sofya, Tafu, Weixin, Rongji Wuhu, Xintian, Yameili, Yifei Heavy Industry, Zhejiang Hongli, Zhejiang Rongji, Zhengyu, Zhongcheng New Energy, Zhongyuan Internal Accessories, etc.

Focusing on Industry Development Hotspots, Exploring the Blue Ocean of the Automotive Aftermarket

With the maturity of China's automotive industry and the continuous growth of automobile ownership, the consumer base for automobiles is becoming younger and more personalized, with increasingly diverse demands for aspects such as appearance, performance, and configuration. The automotive industry will pay more attention to meeting consumers' personalized needs and providing customized services. As the standards of the automotive modification industry gradually improve, the application scope and proportion of automotive modification technology will continue to expand. High-end, branding, quality, personalization, and customization are gradually becoming the mainstream directions of the automotive modification market. The exhibition set up a special area for modification and accessories in Hall 2, covering four major product categories including customized interior and exterior parts, beauty care, power upgrade systems, and onboard accessories, gathering numerous brand exhibitors including Bezos, Hunter, Panasonic, Sofya, Tafu, etc. In the future, AAG will bring in heavyweight international automotive trends, and cultural brands to the exhibition, keeping pace with the trend and exploring industry development.

High-Quality Industry Resources, Connecting Unlimited Business Opportunities

Prior to the exhibition, in-depth connections were made with buyers from Guangdong Province and surrounding provinces and cities, and deeper cooperation was initiated with relevant industry associations and auto parts cities. The exhibition attracted buyers from auto parts cities, auto repair shops, and 4S stores in cities including Macao, Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Zhuhai. In addition, this year's AAG also attracted visiting groups from home and abroad, including representatives from associations such as the Philippines Association of Automotive Parts Dealers, Malaysia Used Car Parts Merchants Association, Malaysia Selangor Machinery and Vehicle Parts Association, Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association, Hong Kong Recycling Resources General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Industry Association, etc. Technical and procurement personnel from major OEMs also visited the exhibition, building a good communication and exchange platform in the fields of research and development and assembly matching. Including BAIC Foton, BAIC New Energy, GAC Honda, GAC Trumpchi, Geely Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Nidec, Qihang Automobile, etc. In addition, dozens of mainstream and professional media came to the exhibition site for interviews and reports. Industry technical experts and senior media personnel gathered together to explore future industry development trends from different perspectives.

Exciting Fringe Programme, Sharing the Latest Industry Dynamics

The fringe programme and supporting services of the exhibition should not be missed. Various heavyweight activities will invite well-known experts and scholars, government agencies, and representatives of business associations from home and abroad to share their understanding of the topics and strengthen cooperation in international industry information, policies and regulations, and industrial development. Over 20 concurrent conferences will be held at the exhibition site, and activities will delve into industry hotspots and decode the path of industry development. In the new era, exploring the development trend of the automotive aftermarket from the perspectives of car big data, electrification, and intelligent networking. On the opening day, the "15th China (Guangzhou) Auto Parts Forum" invited industry experts from Guangdong Automobile Industry Association, GAC Group, BYD, Dongfeng Nissan, and other companies to discuss the current situation and trends of the new energy vehicle industry and exchange technical solutions and latest achievements under the background of carbon neutrality. On the second day of the exhibition, the "2023 Automotive Electronic Innovation Technology Summit" was held in the Champagne Hall of the exhibition hall, where leaders and representatives from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, and other industry leaders will discuss the exploration and innovation path of automotive intelligence, and the improvement and coordinated development of the industry chain of automotive rule chips and power semiconductor IGBT.

Rematec Asia, Connecting the Re-manufacturing Industries of East and West

The "Rematec" brand originated from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is currently the most influential re-manufacturing brand exhibition globally. In June 2023, after a 4-year hiatus, the flagship exhibition in the Netherlands reopened, receiving unprecedented participation from the entire European industry association, OEMs, and brand enterprises, with the global re-manufacturing industry eagerly awaiting. At that time, Guangzhou Rematec Asia and the flagship exhibition in Amsterdam will start a joint mode. Past exhibitors include Ag Cores, Asysum S.A., ATC Drivetrain, Emmetec S.r.l, Encory GmbH, Ganzeboom, GSL, Kinergo ZAO, MERA, MRT, MSG, BAIC Zhizao, Changzhou Huaneng, Guangzhou Huadu Global Automatic Transmission, Hebei Ruiman, Quanxing Jinggong, Sanli (Xiamen), Shanghai Yayu, Xichai Re-manufacturing, Zhejiang Gold, Zhejiang Regeneration Hand in Hand, China National Heavy Duty Truck, etc.

        Mr. Xia Wendi, Chairman of China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd., stated that as of 2023, China's automobile sales have ranked first globally for 13 consecutive years, and the Chinese automotive aftermarket industry is facing enormous opportunities and challenges. Since its establishment in Guangzhou in 2015, Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou has developed into the leading brand exhibition of the automotive aftermarket in South China. This edition of the exhibition actively embraces the Greater Bay Area, integrating functions such as product display, technical exchange, and information collection, effectively promoting and supporting the progress and development of China's automotive industry, and playing a positive role in promoting coordinated development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao region and implementing the national regionalization strategy.

        Mr. Cao Jiansheng, Chief Consultant of Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., summarized that this edition of the exhibition achieved considerable growth in both exhibitor and visitor participation compared to the previous edition. This is due to the amazing creativity and vitality demonstrated by the automotive industry under the impetus of national policies and the results of the two organizers sharing global industry resources. Mr. Cao believes that as the industry continues to transform, the AAG exhibition will continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of promoting the development of the automotive industry in South China and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. By constructing a high-quality commercial platform, it will fully play the role of a business link connecting the domestic and global automotive markets, meeting the diverse needs of the automotive market for personalized, intelligent, and diversified development.

        The next edition of Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG) will be held from August 28th to 30th, 2024. The exhibition is jointly organized by China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.