Dear, Friends:

Welcome to Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou – AAG. To protect all the attendees of the event, accroding to the regulatory requirement of China Central Government and Guangzhou Metropolis Government, we will require all exhibitors and visitors to comply with health security rules as below:

1. Comply with the policy of immigration and epidemic quarantine from China Central Government and Guangzhou Metropolis Government, we recommend you to inquire latest information from “Guangzhou Center For Disease Control And Prevention” by E-mail:

2. Comply with the health security rules of organizer and venue.

3. Comprehend COVID-19 epidemic prevention knowledge.

4. Wear a medical mask in the venue continuously. 

5. On-line per-registration, self-service, electronic payment will be recommended.

6. If your body temperature over 37.3°C when you in the venue, we are sorry you should be sent to the medical station of the venue.

7. Staff of organizer and venue will ask all the exhibitors and visitors to wear medical mask exactly in the venue, thank you for your cooperation.

8. All the staff of exhibitors include employees, guests, contractors, service-suppliers etc. should obey the rules of health security and epidemic prevention.

9. Exhibitors could prepare disposable washing disinfectant or any other prevention products to keep health security.

10. Exhibitors should make health record of each staff.

11. In the duration of move-in and move-out, all the setting-up equipment and tools should be disinfected before entering the venue. All the contractor staff should take enough self- prevent consumables.

12. In the duration of move-in and move-out, contractor staff could not touch his eyes, nose or mouth directly after his hands touched any construction materials, tools or exhibits, washing his hands when they leave the venue. 

13. All exhibitors, visitors, staff should complete the "real name registration" process prior to entering the venue and take your personal identification documents to check-in the venue.

* identification documents include Passports (foreign attendees), Mainland Travel Permits (Hong Kong and Macao residents), Mainland Travel Permits (Taiwan residents), and Chinese ID cards (for Chinese nationals).

14. When entering the venue, all attendees are required to show their “Canton Health Code” on their phone, as well as

- Show the identification documents used for registration.

- Wear a medical mask.

- Make sure the “Canton Health Code” is green for the visiting day.

- Body temperature is not higher than 37.3°C (100 degrees Fahrenheit).

We recommend the attendees download the "Wechat" APP on your smartphone and register an user account to get your "Canton health code" by scanning the QR code below:

15. Organizer will adjust the amount of attendees in the venue and stop the entering when the crowd is full in the halls.

16. Exhibitors should comply with:

- Keep safe social distance.

- Opening design for the raw-space booth.

- Do not show exhibits on the edge of booth to avoid the crowd.

- Mark“Entrance”and “Exit” in raw-space booth clearly.

- No party in raw-space booth.

- Do not provide any foods in your booth.

- Six step to keep health:

17. Raw-space booth exhibitors should comply with:

- Setting up your booth quickly.

- Submit precious list of booth staff to organizer.

- leave enough space to single exhibit and make a mark to tell the visitor do not touch any exhibits.

18. Health and epidemic prevention administration in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Center For Disease Control And Prevention

No.1, Jiahe Qide Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 510440 China

Tel: +86-20-3605 5870


Center For Disease Control And Prevention (Haizhu District)

No.1696, Guangzhou Avenue South, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

Tel: +86-20-8420 2063


All the rules above are based on the situation of COVID-19 abroad, we will adjust the articles in case of future.