1. Parts & Components

 Components for conventional drive systems (engine, gearbox, powertrain, exhaust)
 Chassis (axles, steering, brakes, wheels, shock absorbers)
 Body (metal parts, roof systems, mounted parts, windows, bumpers)
 Standard mechanical parts (fastening elements, threaded and securing elements, sealing rings, roller bearings)
 Interior (cockpits, buttons, switches, instruments, airbags, seats, shelf and storage concepts, illumination, heating, air-conditioning, electrical adjusters, interior filters)
 Exterior (doors, windows/glass, mounted parts)
 Engine electronics (control units, bus systems, sensors, actuators)
 Vehicle lighting (headlights, LED / OLED, lasers, exterior and interior lighting, intelligent headlight systems, night and thermal-imaging cameras)
 Electrical system (electrical power supply, batteries, cables, wiring harnesses, cable mounting and connecting elements, plug connections, sensors, on-board diagnostics, high-voltage systems)

2. Accessories & Customising

 Exterior accessories (accessories for tyres, rims, snow chains, edge protectors, sill trims, trailer couplings, tow ropes, covers, marten repellent, stone chip protection films)
 Interior accessories (starting aids, child seats, car mats, seat & boot protectors, covers, car beds, safety products, first-aid kit, warning waistcoats, fire extinguisher, sunshade, car hoover)
 Transport systems & superstructures for motor vehicles, vans, campers, pick-up (transport solutions, load securing, carrier systems for sports, bicycle racks, tailgate systems, roof racks, roof boxes, trailer & rail systems, roof bodies and tents)
 Technical customizing (body styling, engine, chassis and exhaust tuning, sports equipment, lighting, tyres and rims)
 Optical customizing (car styling, foiling, protective films, airbrush systems, interieur and audio tuning, rims)
 Infotainment (multimedia, car media devices, audio and sound systems, navigation, integrable services, in-car-gaming, -entertainment
 Special vehicles & bodies for commercial vehicles (load compartment equipment, equipment, installations and conversions for vans, ambulance transport, police, taxis)
 Lifestyle, luxury & merchandise items (clothing, luggage, outdoor, personalised products, ice scrapers, parking discs, number plates, key rings, retro & nostalgia articles, tin signs, miscellaneous)
 Car fragrance & special products (air fresheners, fragrance dispensers, car perfume, cockpit spray, special products for insect removal, fragrance tree, diffuser)
 Organisation systems (boot organiser, interior organiser, boot bag, folding boxes, cup holders, bags, utensil bags, backrest protection, folding table for laptop, kneeling tray, can safe)
 Accessories for pets (holding and transport systems for pets, dog beds, dog seats, dog blankets, travel bags, car harnesses, seat belts, boarding aids, dog ramps)
 Co-branding of film and TV culture, auto racing, racing club, personal works display.
 Auto service (supply chain, data software, logistics, insurance, finance)

3. Diagnostics & Repair

 Workshop equipment for repair and maintenance (systems and equipment, battery management, lifting gear, test and measurement equipment, tyre installation, workshop equipment, networking software)
 Tools (impact screwdrivers, diagnostic equipment, compressors, wrenches)
 Digital maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and repair of vehicle superstructures, towing equipment
 Workshop equipment for repair and maintenance for alternative drive concepts (tools for high-voltage systems, hydrogen sensors)  
 Fastening and bonding solutions, waste disposal and recycling, workshop safety and ergonomic workshops, Workshop and dealership equipment
 Oils and lubricants (systems, equipment, lubricants, auxiliaries and consumables, technical sprays / aerosol, disposal and recycling, industrial hygiene)
 Washing (automatic car wash facilities for exteriors, wash stations, washing equipment, chemicals, accessories)
 Vehicle care (exterior and interior cleaning, equipment for vehicle care, cleaning and care products, care aerosol, washing accessories, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners) 
 Vehicle preparation and detailing, water reclamation, water treatment
 Filling station equipment (filling station equipment, tank systems for conventional fuels)
 Bodywork repairs, paintwork and corrosion protection, smart repairs for paintwork, metal parts, plastic parts, windows, headlights
 New materials (lightweight, carbon, magnesium, aluminum)

4. Oils, Lubricants & Fuels

 Installations (oil filling systems, oil dispensing systems and equipment, lubrication systems and equipment)
 Lubricants and greases (cooling lubricants, greases and pastes)
 Oils and oil substances (lubricating oils)
 Auxiliaries and consumables
 Technical fluids (coolants, refrigerant, gases, fluid management)
 Technical sprays (cleaning, care, lubricant and universal sprays), aerosols
 Tank management (storage, cleaning and maintenance)
 Filling station equipment (filling station equipment, tank systems for all types of fuels, Digital Fuel Twins)
 Alternative fuels (synthetic fuels, bio-fuels, re-fuels, waste fuels, LPG, CNG, ethanol, hydrogen)
 Industrial and workshop hygiene (surface and hand cleaning agents, disinfection)
 Sustainability management, waste disposal and recycling (systems, equipment, processes and services)

5. Tyres & Wheels

 Tyres (summer/winter tyres for cars, utility vehicles, trucks, two-wheeled vehicles and special vehicles, exclusive tyres for SUV, sports cars and premium vehicles, wide-track tyres, industrial tyres, carcasses and tubes)
 Wheels and rims (exclusive and customised wheels and rims, industrial rims, customised wheel rims)
 Tyre/wheel repair and disposal (vulcanisation, balancing, wear-and-tear repairs, elastification agents, repair materials, tools, fillers, disposal)
 Used tyres and wheels (retreading, recycling, vulcanisation, tyre care)
 Tyre/wheel management and systems (IT systems, online tyre portals, inspection, tyre logistics, tyre leasing and rental, tyre storage)
 Sales equipment and storage of tyres (operating / storage / office / showroom equipment and facilities, sales aids, certification, tyre-storage)
 Accessories for tyres, wheels and installation (valves, storage labels, balancing weights, theft prevention, safety equipment, wheel nuts, tyre pressure management systems)

6. Others

 Industry institutions
 Education and training

7. Rematec


 Remanufacturing parts (engine, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axle, frame, body, lamp, battery, etc.)
 Remanufacturing maintenance equipment (maintenance testing equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.)
 Auto used parts and recycling
 Reverse Logistics 
 Testing and certification
 Technology research and development and industrial parks