It is hot and rainy in September, around 24℃to 32℃.


Guangzhou is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+8 hours GMT)


The voltage in China is 220 Volt / 50 Hertz. The Chinese socket looks like this:
15 Amp. / 220 Volt

Adapters for the 15 Amp./220 Volt socket can be provided from the Hotel reception, please ask the clerk of the reception counter.

Entry Requirement

All foreign visitors to P.R. China must apply for visa and comply with the health requirement on entering China.
Please ensure that all your colleagues have already obtained the relevant visa prior to departure. Contact organizer to apply the visa invitation letter. Please note the responsibility for obtaining a visa is neither from the Organisers nor the Official Travel Agents. (Unsuccessful visa applications will not constitute a basis for cancellation of exhibitor contract)

To and From the Airport

Transportations such as airport bus, hotel bus, metro and taxis are all available between airport and city of Guangzhou. Details can be found on the official website of the airport under: 

Interpreters are Strongly Recommended

Due to the fact that not all Chinese business people in the field can speak English. Business cards are very important as means of communication. It is very important for business associates to exchange business cards. Cards are always offered and received with both hands after the initial greeting.

With the smartphone popularity, more and more Chinese business people start to use E-business card from Apps such as  What's app or linkedin. However the most popular App is Wechat in China. If you want a faster contact method to your Chinese business partner, Wechat international version is available both to IOS and Android smartphone.

Communication Habit

Address Chinese officials as Mister, Miss or Madam. The Chinese surnames come first and the given names last,
e.g. Mr. Zhang Tongjun should be addressed as Mr. Zhang.
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