Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG) finished successfully, We look forward to seeing you next year!

On November 7th, the 7th Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou was successfully concluded in Poly World Trade Center. During the three-day exhibition, a total of 21,676 visitors arrived at the show, attracting more than 600 exhibitors, and nearly a hundred experts, buyers and media guests of auto aftermarket gathered together.

In the Daisy conference room of the venue, the "China Automotive Electronics Innovation Technology Forum" invited representatives of industry associations and important companies in the automotive electronics field to deliver keynote speeches. The content involves the implementation of L2 domain control, high-voltage electronic control and power device solutions, and the application and thinking of consumer electronics technology in the automotive industry. It focuses on exploring the path of innovation and development of automotive electronics, and analyzes the future direction of coordinated development with vehicle companies.

At the "2021 Automotive AI Diagnosis Technology Empowering Co-Supply Chain Conference", the speaker and participants shared the service model upgrade methods of supply chain merchants and the high-output profit method of social maintenance stores.

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Thanks everyone who has overcome the difficulties and met hand in hand with AAG during the COVID-19 epidemic. Looking forward to next year's golden autumn in October, Guangzhou, goodbye!